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Hepatic Planning: Tumor’s Monitoring and Analysis for Hepatic Surgery

To develop a software tool for prospective and retrospective analysis of liver lesions evidenced in anatomical studies that helps physicians in decision-making.

ONCOTIC project consists of 6 sub-projects where the common denominator is the use of ICT technologies to improve diagnosis, treatment or monitoring of oncological pathologies. HepaPlan is one of those sub-projects in which, specifically, it seeks to improve the diagnosis and monitoring of liver cancer.

Nowadays, doctors only have some 2D images to issue patient’s diagnosis. However, the goal of this project is to provide them with additional information that help them to decide on the most appropriate therapy or treatment. The software resulting from the project reconstructs a 3D model of the patient’s liver from studies of Magnetic Resonance (MR) and/or Computed Tomography (CT) along with its internal anatomical structures (veins, arteries and lesions, if any). Once the images are registered, volumetric measurements can be made of both the liver and the size of the tumor and their relative position, as well as the percentage of the affected liver, the ratio of healthy tissue/tissue with lesions and the distance between the tumor and the veins or nearest arteries. In addition, if previous studies of the patient are available, it is possible to monitor the lesion evolution from the beginning of treatment to the present. In order to plan a surgical intervention, the software also allows the specialists to simulate a possible resection and to evaluate in a virtual way the surgery effects on liver functional capacity.

HepaPlan was awarded the ‘Best Innovation in Technology 2013’ within the MIHealth Innovation Awards. These awards recognize the innovative and transformative spirit of health professionals and highlight the progress made in having a liver planner to address surgical interventions with a higher degree of reliability, which reduces risks for the patient.


Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) (IDI-20101153)


2010 to 2013




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