METAMORPHA proposes to create a unique and agile ultrashort pulse laser micromachining platform that replaces many conventional manufacturing process chains. It has the potential to eliminate thousands of environmentally damaging production processes. METAMORPHA is fully electric and digital, produces no chemical waste and enables novel new process steps for product rework and repair.



Microelement production processes are currently based on a chain production with different manufacturing stages. These stages usually produce the required patterns on the part by means of physical and chemical processes, which complement each other. However, this technology produces a large amount of chemical waste. To address this limitation, the use of laser technology has been one of the solutions that has led the European industry in recent years. However, it needs to be improved in terms of agility, digitization and environmental sustainability of the same.

METAMORPHA addresses this challenge by proposing a technology that enables a green and digital approach to these challenges. To this end, it seeks to replace mechanical and chemical processes from production lines with a single, fully digital green process based on ultra-short pulse laser micromachining. Specifically, the technology developed is moving towards “right first time” processes with 30% less resource consumption compared to state-of-the-art technology.

To achieve this, METAMORPHA will be a technology based on a combination of two cascaded spatial light modulators (SLMs) with an integrated galvo scanner, enabling the most sophisticated digital beam shaping and steering ever developed. It will also feature a phase-based control that enables digital beam steering for agile multi-directional processing. In this project, CVBLAB will develop novel machine learning algorithms that automate the calibration of the laser performance parameters based on the material used, desired pattern, and defects encountered. This methodology will be based on continuous learning systems, capable of adapting the algorithms to new data collected during the use of the system. Finally, METAMORPHA will be tested in three different use cases for the production line of products in leading companies.







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