Brain Activity Quantification for Sport Audiovisual Content Visualization Using EEG


The overall goal of this project is to understand the feelings and behaviours of football fans when they are watching a match or they are enjoying a title won by their football club.


This project consists in the pre-processing and analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) signals acquired during the observation of audio-visual contents about the Valencia C.F. football team history.

The main objective is to provide answers to different experimental questions about the supporter’s feelings:

  • Are there differences in cerebral activity during the observation of positive and negative emotional videos?
  • May the cerebral activity be objectively quantified and may this metrics and descriptors be used to automatically classify emotional videos?
  • Is it possible to automatically determine the video frames that produce a significant increase or decrease in cerebral activity?

In order to scientifically answer the aforementioned questions the first step is to pre-process the EEG signal. In this phase, the cerebral activity is isolated from physiological artefacts (related to human movements, skin-electrode interface, interferences from other physiological signals, etc.) and external artefacts (related to noise from acquisition devices, 50 Hz interference, etc.). After the pre-processing stage, different features are extracted from the biosignals applying own metrics and descriptors in order to extract the relevant information. Using this information is possible to obtain some conclusions after a classification or statistical analysis stages.


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