Cloud Artificial Intelligence For Pathology
 CLARIFY proposes creating a research infrastructure based on artificial intelligence and cloud‐oriented data algorithms that facilitates WSI interpretation and diagnosis everywhere through novel tools as a paradigm shift in the pathology field with the aim of maximising the benefits of digital pathology and aiding pathologists in their daily work.
Pathology has repeatedly been highlighted as being ripe for innovation in terms of workflow efficiency and more accurate diagnostics. In fact, the estimated market growth for digital pathology systems is huge, with the forecast to reach 143 million dollars by 2019 in the EU and 205 million dollars in the USA. Despite this boost in sales, diagnostic pathology in practice today is still a slow and cumbersome process that relies heavily on the subjective interpretation of a microscopic image by a qualified pathologist. This imposes a limitation, even more substantial in small pathology departments where the pathologists might not be specialized in particular areas.

CLARIFY addresses the challenge to improve pathology departments’ workflow optimising current diagnosis and monitoring processes. With this purpose, CLARIFY’s scientific goal is to develop a robust automated digital diagnostic environment based on cutting-edge technologies (such as digital image processing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, etc.) to enhance knowledge sharing and reach betterinformed decisions.

To achieve it, CLARIFY targets to deliver an innovative, multinational, multi-sectorial, and multidisciplinary research and training programme that link two highly differentiated specialities: engineering and medicine, with a focus on digital pathology. CLARIFY’s partnership gathers relevant scientific staff from academia, industry and hospitals, which will be involved in a high-level personalised training programme that will guarantee ESRs and future PhD students outstanding Career Opportunities. CLARIFY will disseminate results to a wide spectrum of stakeholders, create awareness in the general public about digital pathology and encourage careers related to this field among young students.

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European Commission through Horizon 2020 (860627)   


2019 to 2023




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